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Natural Catastrophe Insurance November 20, 2019

Natural Catastrophe Insurance: What you need to know

Catastrophe Insurance/By Colony West/0 comments   2018 natural disasters totaled $52 billion Wildfires, heat waves and droughts account for 34% of U.S. insured losses in 2018 Tropical cyclones account for another 30% and thunderstorms with 27%   With fire season in full swing on the West Coast and the East Coast bracing for the coldest winter yet, natural catastrophes have… Read More »
September 11, 2019

Fire Coverage Newsletter

Catastrophe Insurance/By Colony West/0 comments Roaring fires, fire prevention and fire technology have been a contentious debate for many years amongst Californian meteorologists and scientists. Southern California is unique in that we have two separate fire seasons. One occurs from October through April, usually driven by the Santa Ana winds, and the other being the warm and dry periods from… Read More »
August 27, 2019

Social Engineering and how it affects your coverage – assuming you’re covered at all

Insurance/By Colony West/0 comments As successful, preventative cybersecurity methods have increased over time, cyber criminals have shifted their focus from technological attacks to attacks on employees by way of Social Engineering. Social Engineering isn’t some brand new phenomenon and can be seen in numerous examples across history. The earliest form of ‘pretexting’ comes from the story in the bible… Read More »
August 13, 2019

Trade Credit Insurance and the industries you should be concerned with in 2020

Insurance/By Colony West/0 comments Market Trends Automotive: As diminishing economies of scale reverse consolidation, more companies will look for a slice of the pie using cost minimalization as a competitive advantage, making cars cheaper. Consumer Goods and Retail: Cost-control strategies and rising levels of supplier quantity will reap diminishing returns, calling for new approaches to gain a sustainable competitive… Read More »
August 13, 2019

With minimal information, Certificates of Insurance may not meet contractual obligations

Compliance/By Colony West/0 comments A Certificate of Insurance is intended to show proof that coverage exists While these certificates hold minimal information, they do not provide all contract terms, conditions and limitations Certificates of Insurance generate concerns because they oftentimes create false assumptions that contractual obligations are being met What is a Certificate of Insurance? Before diving into this… Read More »
August 13, 2019

Human Resources, Fair Labor Standards, and Family and Medical Leave Act Trends for 2019

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments As 2019 continues to fly by, we wanted to look at some of the changes that 2019 has brought to organizations and their HR departments, along with the headaches that still remain. Some of the latest changes can be attributed to talent shortages, privacy regulations and the ever-growing ‘cloud.’ Regardless of the new challenges these… Read More »