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We know how hard it can be to find the right coverage for your business. With over 20 years of experience helping business owners in California, Colony West makes insurance both easy and affordable. Not ready to trust us just yet? Get a fast, free quote and see for yourself.

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I've got to say that I've been blown away by the level of service I've received as a small business owner. It's easy to find someone to take my check but then never hear from them again, or when I need them, I have to follow up 5 times. I'm sure I'm not the largest client of Colony West yet I still get a "You're my only client" level of service when I need something.

Tim H., Benchmark Mortgage

I own several business: Manufacturing, Retail, Commercial real estate & Distribution. They have been able to be provide high quality expertise in each sector. I went through a major claim and all the proactive work they did covered my damages entirely. They are responsive, friendly, family oriented, consistently competitive and will never let you down. 

Vanik E., Bread LA/Brooklyn Bagel 

They do their utmost to protect our interests while also getting the best price. They understand the importance of a long term relationship and work to keep us properly insured. They also do our company Health Insurance and have helped us navigate the tangled web of the Affordable Care Act and Federal mandates! 

Jimmy U., Blue Water Grill 

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1. Worker's Compensation

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1. Worker's Comp.

2. General Liability

3. Commercial Auto

4. Bonds

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Worker's Compensation Coverage

Colony West reduces its customers’ workers’ compensation costs with the following 4-tiered strategy with the specific intent to lower your overall insurance costs: 

1 | Reduce Your Risk Profile

Colony West customers lean on us to bring data analytics, understanding and effective strategies that have proven to reduce the number and severity of claims that occur in even the most endemic and stubborn workplace cultures.

2 | Manage Claim Outcomes 

We often hear from employers that most of their claims are fraudulent. We help our customers convert 87% of their incidents into First Aid Treatments, this single strategy alone is so very important to reducing ongoing costs. 

3 | Audit Payments 

We audit workers’ compensation premiums and experience modifications to eliminate the frequent overbilling that occurs in workers’ compensation. Most think that work comp billing is rather straightforward – it is not.  

4 | Speciality Underwriting Process 

We leverage our buying power and underwriting expertise to bring you the best price. It may seem like an obvious position but it’s incredible how often we find new customers who aren’t getting proper market representation.