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January 14, 2020

2020 Human Resources Symposium

Compliance/By carolyn/0 comments In Partnership with OutlookHR & Hudock Employment Law Group, Colony West is pleased to present this important update to start 2020 in compliance! Join us for an in-depth analysis of the most significant developments in labor and employment laws as well as new legislation likely to affect your business. This symposium will be a guide… Read More »
Human Resources Passion December 4, 2019

Human Resources Review: How Passion Translates to Business Success

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments   We’ve all heard the cliché, ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ We’ve also all heard the phrase ‘thank God it’s Friday.’ So, what separates the people in the first line from those in the second? Passion. Think of any successful business and you’ll see a large amount… Read More »
Workers Compensation in the Gig Economy December 4, 2019

Workers Compensation and the Impact of the Gig Economy

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments   In an article written earlier this year titled, “Assembly Bill 5 and How it Impacts Tech Companies Thriving off the Gig Economy,” we discussed the gig economy and the future implications it would have on businesses. Considering California Assembly Bill 5 and the new tests and classifications for determining a worker as an employee… Read More »
Employee Engagement - Human Resources December 2, 2019

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments   39% of people feel that a stimulating work environment is an effective way to increase employee engagement Organizations with high employee engagement outperform organizations with low engagement by 202% Disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually 63% of employees say compensation is important to job satisfaction   In a recent study… Read More »
Enterprise Demands Changing Human Resources December 2, 2019

How Enterprise Demands are Changing Human Resources

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments For many enterprises, organizational changes are usually discussed in meeting with management and then passed down to employees without much of a warning. The department that is most heavily relied on to implement said changes, keep up company morale and pick up the pieces for failed experiments, is the Human Resources department.  As organizations shift new… Read More »
Employee Wellness Programs - Human Resources December 1, 2019

Employee Wellness Ideas to Boost Productivity in the Workplace 

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments   In our previous blog, “Building a ‘Culture of Meaning’ for Your Employees,” we highlighted the importance of defining the ‘why’ of your business and the role your employees play in a positive company culture. In this blog we’ll discuss the importance of employee wellness programs as well as discuss some easy ideas you can implement at… Read More »
Human Resources and Culture of Meaning December 1, 2019

Building a ‘Culture of Meaning’ for Your Employees

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments As an employee of any company, you’ve more than likely received similar questions from friends and family – “So where do you work?” and/or “What does your company do?” It is human nature to describe the company’s services and your specific job description, but we are willing to bet you rarely, if ever, get into… Read More »
California Assembly Bill 5 - Borello Test November 27, 2019

California Assembly Bill 5 – When should you apply ABC or Borello Testing?

Compliance/By Colony West/0 comments With January 1, 2020 right around the corner, California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) looms over businesses across the state. In September of this year, we posted a blog titled, “Assembly Bill 5 and How It Impacts Tech Companies Thriving off the Gig Economy” where we discussed how companies will be limited when classifying workers as independent contractors.… Read More »
Cyber Risk Insurance and Small Firms November 27, 2019

Cyber Insurance and Small Business

Human Resources/By Colony West/0 comments The second biggest risk to global business is cyber incidents. The estimated value of cyber insurance premiums worldwide in 2025 is $20 Billion The average cost to a U.S. business affected by a data breach in 2019 is $8 Million The percentage of customers wary of working with a business that suffered a credit/debit care… Read More »
2020 Insurance Predictions November 27, 2019

Five Key Factors Shaping Insurance in 2020

Compliance/By Colony West/0 comments While 2019 is ending faster than any of us anticipated, it is time to start looking towards the trends that will affect the future of many insurance companies into 2020 and beyond. Numerous factors are causing a shift in the insurance sector including new business, investment and regulatory environments, demographic shifts, new markets and changing… Read More »