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April 20, 2024

COVID-19 and Loss of Income

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We are, understandably, fielding many inquiries right now about whether or not this Corona virus event would qualify as a Covered Cause of Loss in order to trigger their Loss of Income coverage.


Please understand that Colony West can not make a coverage determination for you on behalf of any insurance carrier. We are here though to answer questions to the best of our ability and provide the best guidance available. THIS IS NOT A STATEMENT OF COVERAGE FOR ANY POLICY, INCLUDING YOURS – ALWAYS REFER TO YOUR POLICY AS THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF APPLICABLE COVERAGE.


Why are we putting out this statement? Several customers are hearing information from all sorts of sources; attorneys, internet chat forums, other business owners, etc. We feel it’s important to be able to help you direct your essential time in the most effective manner possible and that is the reason for this statement. Many in our community are simply directing customers to file claims with their carriers. We are not discouraging you from doing so and ask that you refer to your property policy for information on where and how to file a claim should you wish to do so. We will try to assist those of you cannot find readily your policy, but we ask that you exercise patience as we work to field a large number of customer inquiries.


It is our understanding that this event does not, in general, qualify as a Covered Cause of Loss. If it were a generally Covered Cause of Loss then businesses throughout the country would not be impacted as they are and we’d all be in a much more relaxed position.   Our inquires to certain insurance carriers are met, as is typical, that any inquiry or claim will be individually addressed. Again, please refer to your policy for contact information and instructions on how to file a claim.


We understand the challenge and anxiety some of you are going through and the amazing team of individuals who make up Colony West are here to help you in any way we can.




William F. Kaley