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April 20, 2024

OSHA Safety – Your Work Environment Should be a Top Concern

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Safe and healthy work environments for your employees should be a top concern as a business owner. It’s important to keep in mind what your employees need on a day-to-day basis to avoid any health or safety issues that may arise.

OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, provides recommended practices for safety and health programs. Management Leadership is a core program advising business owners, managers and supervisors to make worker safety and health a core organizational value to ensure success, eliminate hazards, protect your workers and improve the workplace.

There are four action items to consider:

Action item 1: Communicate your commitment to safety and health in the workplace by writing a clear policy for your employees to follow and abide by.

Action item 2: Establish specific goals and objectives to improve workplace safety and health. It’s crucial to make sure everyone is on board and focused on specific actions that ensure success.

Action item 3: Provide resources needed to implement the safety and health program into your daily business routine. This will vary based on the needs and development of your business.

Action item 4: Establish roles and responsibilities that provides a positive environment and open communication about safety and health between yourself, your managers and your workers.

Colony West can help you go further to ensure that you have the right practices in place, no matter the circumstance. We offer OSHA/safety advisory and management services to help you with just that. Give us a call today to discuss ways to protect your employees and business no matter what comes your way.

For more information, visit https://www.osha.gov/shpguidelines/management-leadership.html.