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May 26, 2024

Human Resources – Time and Attendance

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The importance of Human Resources and the effect it has on the productivity of your organization cannot be overstated. This is most apparent when evaluating and developing your most important asset: Your Employees. While a healthy and efficient company/employee relationship can mean bountiful success, it is oftentimes very challenging to achieve 100% buy-in to your work environment from every single employee. Additionally, it can be increasingly difficult to monitor a full department, let alone a single employee, especially for large-scale corporations. In today’s corporate world, it has never been more important to educate and enforce a set of policies and procedures from the beginning of employment, to make sure employees are aware of the standards your company expects. Not only does this help guide your workers towards success, it also helps when having to go through the unfortunate process of termination for those employees who break those sets of rules. At Colony West, we understand the headaches that come with human resources and know the appropriate steps needed to stay within compliance, while creating the healthiest environment for your workplace.

One of the most overlooked human resources issues is employee’s time and attendance. Time and attendance is more than just punching in and out. Scheduling, paid time off, sick days, shift changes and payroll are all huge components of a day in the life of your human resource department. At Colony West we offer a wide range of software, processes and people to help achieve your human resources goals. Our highly functional online employee time and attendance module enables employees to punch in and out, review previous time sheets, request personal leaves, view work schedule and submit time sheets with a click of a button. Administrators are given every bit of information to succeed including a platform to view which employees are in and out of the office, track missed punches and have a complete overview of employee time cards.

Some additional human resource services include:

  • On-boarding/New Hire training

Putting the proper employees in place is essential to the success of your business. Our On-boarding / New Hire training services cover the whole process including guidance on interviewing techniques and legally compliant questions and a development of hiring process, new hire packet, and on-boarding

  • Supervisor / Manager Training

The success of your employees and business relies heavily on the productivity of the supervisors in place. Supervisors must be able effectively develop their employees and achieve the goals provided by management, while promoting a healthy workplace environment. We offer a customized supervisor/management training course to help develop and evaluate your existing staff. We provide guidance on daily employee relation issues, harassment prevention and overall performance recommendations to help your business achieve maximum results and efficiency,

  • Crisis and Resolution Consultations

We know that even the smallest situation can derail a company’s day-to-day operations. That’s why we offer customized crisis and resolutions consultations because no one issue has a cookie cutter solution.

  • Termination/Discipline

Making the decision to discipline an employee, and possibly terminate them, is never easy and could come with a legal battle. Our established set of procedures help you navigate through the discipline/termination process. We are at the forefront of local and state compliance standards and our history of developing employee handbooks helps lay out a clear picture of your company’s expectations during the hiring process.

Taking care of your employees is critical to your business, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed. Colony West is here to help you obtain the necessary tools to make every day more manageable. It only takes one call to us for a quote to help bring you one step closer to maximizing productivity and compliance while minimizing costs and complexity.