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Human Resources Passion July 16, 2024

Human Resources Review: How Passion Translates to Business Success

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We’ve all heard the cliché, ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ We’ve also all heard the phrase ‘thank God it’s Friday.’ So, what separates the people in the first line from those in the second? Passion. Think of any successful business and you’ll see a large amount of the same factors – the business is generally a good idea, it fills a void in a community, it has some funding and it has a person or group of people that are passionate about its success. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is quoted saying, “When you believe in something, the force of your convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals.” In this article, we’ll discuss why passion matters for your business and how Human Resources can help you project that passion to employees and customers.


How Passion Can Help You


Being passionate about what you do in life helps you avoid dreadful monotony and in business terms, helps you stay ahead of your competition. When passion shines in the workplace, management and employees will continuously put forth their best effort. While the employee who says ‘thank God its Friday’ is busy watching the clock tick from 8 to 5, the passionate employee is dedicating their time to the business’ success, looking for solutions in difficult situations and projecting their optimistic outlook to coworkers and customers. Uncovering what you are most passionate isn’t always easy. Our partners at OutlookHR recommend making a list of jobs and tasks that you absolutely despise. Once you’ve clearly defined where you don’t want to be, it’ll be clearer to see what you are most passionate about.


Human Resources Role in Passion


Before a Human Resources Professional passes along the passion of the business, they too must find passion in what they do. In a recent poll of HR professionals, what made them feel the most passion and value were in 3 areas:


  • Passion for their employees and the role they play in the business’ success
  • Passion for the complex analysis they must incorporate into workplace action
  • Passion for making executive level decisions with management to make the workplace a positive place for their employees and customers


Once the human resources professional has realized why they are passionate in their role, they must now play an integral part in projecting that passion onto the employees they hire. Typically, HR is heavily involved in the hiring process. During this process, management leans on them to connect with potential employees, hire the right fit, and then guide that new employee through the company’s values. Outside of the hiring process, HR is also heavily involved in developing workplace perks such as breaks, holidays, health benefits and more. By clearly defining corporate values at time of hire and keeping the employee happy throughout the time at their job, the HR department can help ensure that their employees find passion in what they do.


To learn more about how a workplace culture built on positive values and productivity can translate into a happy and passionate employee, check out a recent article titled, “Building a ‘Culture of Meaning’ for Your Employees.” If you have Human Resources requests or a question about our partnership with OutlookHR, contact us today!