How Enterprise Demands are Changing Human Resources | Colony West
Enterprise Demands Changing Human Resources April 20, 2024

How Enterprise Demands are Changing Human Resources

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For many enterprises, organizational changes are usually discussed in meeting with management and then passed down to employees without much of a warning. The department that is most heavily relied on to implement said changes, keep up company morale and pick up the pieces for failed experiments, is the Human Resources department.  As organizations shift new business models, technologies, and expectations of the workforce, it is up to the human resources department to bridge the gap between legacy operations and the company’s future needs. Such responsibility allows HR to help shape the company, including the way they compete, access talent and make a difference in the community. With these changes, HR shops must address four key factors to make sure their organization maintains future success.


Factor One: Shift from doing digital to being digital
Embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive solutions to help redesign jobs and workflows. 


Factor Two: Shift from center-driven to human-centered solutions
Personalizing workflows will drive measurable value across the organization. 


Factor Three: Shift from compliance and control to trust and empowerment
Develop strong relationships of partners and create new channels for talent and innovation.


Factor Four: Shift from integrated systems to a unified engagement platform
Advanced technologies help drive productivity and simplicity of your systems.


Planning for the Future

It is apparent that the enterprise has been heavily influenced in all aspects of operations by digital transformation and technology. Data growth, shortened company lifespans, increased expectations of trust and the immense pressure of social media has contributed to the evolution of business, both good and bad. To prepare for these changes and implement the factors listed above, HR shops must take a head on approach to addressing the futures of the enterprise, the workforce and its workflows. Addressing the future of the enterprise means finding the latest approach to handling large amounts of data and gaining the trust of the clients whose data you handle. Addressing the future of the workforce means finding solutions for employee turnover in wake of the rise of the gig economy. Lastly, addressing the future of workflows means adapting to working in the digital era and creating new roles for employees who may be impacted by machines in the workplace.


As the times continue to change, so must the human resource department to address changes in the enterprise. Our partnership with OutlookHR will connect you with a professional that can help with any of the changes your business may experience. Contact us today to see how we can help.