Accidents and catastrophes happen. Property insurance is there to help you rebuild and make whole again what was lost. In many cases this is a legally required insurance. It is imperative that you know and do not guess what your property insurance covers and does not cover.

This insures the various forms of property that your business OWNS, LEASES or has CARE, CUSTODY & CONTROL of. Following is a list of common property interests and areas where we most often see claim activity:

  • Building: Building & Improvements
  • Business Personal Property: Inventory & Contents
  • Cash
  • Employee Dishonesty: Embezzlement
  • Property in Transit: by Road, Ocean or Air
  • Operating Income lost due to interruption of business from an insured event
  • Receivables

Specific Coverages

Following are types of property which are less ubiquitous, less common or more specific to certain industries:

  • Large monument signs
  • Bailee’s goods (property of others)
  • Patterns/dyes & molds (for printers or manufacturers)
  • Dealers open lot
  • Earthquake and/or flood
  • Brands & labels
  • Product recall costs & loss
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