The aim with any HR tech is to make your HR team and goals successful, allowing them to focus on the human side while we help take care of the day-to-day efficiency and compliance.

Colony West has a range of software, processes and people to help bring your HR goals and task across the line. From our technology side we have products that address:

Time and Attendance: More than just punching in and out, we have a highly functional online employee time and attendance module, particularly valuable to companies where job costing is critical. Our time and attendance module enables employees to punch in and out, review previous timesheets, request personal leaves, view work schedules and submit timesheets with a click of a button. Administrators can view employees in and out of the office, missed punches and an overview of employee timecards.

Electronic Onboarding: This paperless new hire process is designed to streamline the hiring of new employees while making sure that they are hired consistently with compliance to state and federal law. A built-in acknowledgement system helps maintain compliance by requiring electronic signatures on employee handbook documents and allows you to easily see which employees have read the handbook and those who need to be reminded. A consistent, convenient and compliant way to hire employees remotely. As soon as the documents are signed, they automatically save and store in your employee’s personal Worklogic portal.

Payroll: Generation of your payroll is only one click away. Integrated Payroll is a flexible solution that helps easily manage your organization’s payroll so you can process it accurately and quickly, every time. No more duplicate entries or transferring files to another costly payroll vendor. Built-in logic addresses complex overtime rules, departmental and divisional costing as well as time off tracking and monitoring. Employees are paid timely, accurately and in compliance with state and federal labor laws… ensuring their satisfaction and your protection.

Document and Case Management: Everyone in business knows, if it’s not documented, it’s not done. Centralize your critical employee data with an easy to use, effective and paperless system for managing and archiving employee and management documents. Colony West integrates document management into its HRIS system, providing a simple, paperless and compliant file trail for your company.

Customer Relationship Management: Fully customizable, our CRM module extends the same logic and ease of operation to the sales process. Your sales team can easily manage their contacts, set appointments, calls and emails and see their pending activities right on their own dashboard. The system will even track those activities that are past due, current or pending for future follow up, giving your sales team a bird’s-eye view of their calendar as soon as they log in. You can add various types of fields to your CRM views and determine if those fields are required or not. You have complete control of how the data is laid out so your team can focus on completing information that is critical to your business.

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