Data breaches are not covered by standard commercial general liability coverage as damage to electronic data does not count as property damage. Additionally if you rely heavily on email or any form of digital workflow this is an important coverage to look into.

These policies provide coverage for both 1st party & 3rd party claims of loss due to a breach of your computer or other data transmission and storage systems or those of 3rd party vendors you contract with. It can also provide coverage for manual data breaches.

Aside from 3rd party liability claims or 1st party property losses, there is a growing number of compliance regulations such as EMV, PCI, CISA and others.

Following are some examples of the types of claims or losses that this insurance can protect against:

  • Denial of service
  • Ransomware
  • Loss of income
  • Data theft & resulting economic loss and litigation defense
  • Notification of customers costs
  • Recovery of lost data & systems
  • Public relations cost
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