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Personal Guarantee Insurance


Small business owners and real estate investors everywhere rely on commercial bank loans to keep their enterprises running smoothly. Unfortunately, many secured loans require some sort of personal guarantee (PG) giving creditors the right to pursue personal assets – your home, bank accounts, cars, investments, etc – in the event of a default. Now there is a solution to help reduce stress over putting your personal assets at risk.

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) is a new product available to help limit the risks associated with signing a personal guarantee. If, after liquidating business assets, a creditor seeks personal assets to repay the balance of the loan, PGI will cover between 30% and 70% of the policyholder’s liability.

Who needs Personal Guarantee Insurance? You already protect your business from a multitude of threats, now get the coverage to protect yourself. Any business owner, real estate investor or third party that signed a PG is at risk of losing their personal assets. This level of risk can cause considerable stress for guarantors and a PGI policy is designed to give you some relief.

Colony West is dedicated to managing your business’ risk, this includes any personal risk you or your guarantors assume to support your business. Our team will expertly assess your risk and find a PGI policy tailored to your specific situation. Get the protection you need for your personal assets and the peace of mind you deserve.